Hey, I’m Lauren!

I’m your high school counseling hype girl!

I’m here to help breathe life back into your program by sharing creative and engaging counseling resources.

You’re here because…

  • You need a high school counselor bestie who gets you (hint: it’s me!)
  • Your day-to-day is so fast-paced that you only dream of adding new, creative elements to your program
  • You want to refresh your program and give it the attention it deserves
  • You want to feel confident and effective in your career as a high school counselor

When I changed my major five times in college, I never imagined I’d actually find a career that brought me so much life! I stumbled into high school counseling and (after almost a decade at the same school) never looked back.

My high school counseling team looked to me for optimistic ideas and solutions, innovative student and parent programs, and authentic relationships with our stakeholders. Anytime another counselor saw the resources I was creating for my own program, they wanted a copy to start implementing with their students immediately.

Whether you’re in a rut with the resources you use day-to-day with your students, or you’re a solo counselor on a deserted island, you’re in luck. My counseling resources will give you new confidence and energy, so you’ll be inspired to do less paperwork and more counseling!

Now, I hustle to create resources for school counselors in the evenings as I burn that midnight oil and jam to Ben Rector in my AirPods. I’m hitting my stride and am really loving this perfect mix of connecting with school counselors, using my abundance of creative work energy, and cheering others on towards their own big wins. This high school counseling community makes me feel alive!

If you’re ready to get back to love the career you signed up for in the first place, let me put some quality resources in your hands to get you there!


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