Tip for High School Counseling Interns

4 Inspiring Tips for Eager High School Counseling Interns

Hosting high school counseling interns has grown me as a school counselor and challenged me in new, professional ways. I often have new or future school counselors emailing or direct messaging me asking for words of wisdom or advice. Here are 4 inspiring tips geared towards eager high school counseling

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3 Tips for Taking Back Your Calendar

We all know that our days are absolutely crazy and no two are ever the same as school counselors. (It’s honestly one of my favorite things about this job.) However, we will not be efficient or effective if we’re not taking control of our time.  How often do you look

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5 Phases of College Applications

The 5 Comprehensive Phases of College Applications

When you start navigating the college application process on your own, you quickly find out how much information is out there. SO MUCH! TOO MUCH! Think of the college application process as a road trip. Before you even get on the road, you’re stressed out over what to even pack.

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