40+ Games, Mixers, & Ice Breakers That Your Students Will Love

I have spent so much time working with high schoolers and middle schoolers over the years. I’ve been a camp counselor, a school counselor, a Young Life leader, and a church small group leader… not to mention just a fun person who likes playing games (ha!). Through all of these, I’ve kept an ongoing list of games I’ve collected, made up, and made work for me and my groups… and I’d encourage you to do the same. 
My “Games, Mixers, and Ice Breakers Pack” has more than 40 games on 17 pages. I’ve played ALL of them before. I’ve tweaked things to make them work better for me in different settings, with different amounts of students, or with limited materials.

This resource is divided into a few categories:

1- Mixers (Games That Involve Everyone) That Require Materials
2- Mixers (Games That Involve Everyone) That DO NOT Require Materials
3- Games (A Few People Are Involved — perhaps up in front of the group) That Require Materials
Here is one of my favorite mixers that is I made up and is SUCH a crowd favorite with students and included in this resource:
Party Hats: Each player wears a party hat and holds a rolled up sheet of computer paper. Object is to hit players’ hats off their heads. Everyone runs around like chaos to be the last one standing.

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