3 Simple Steps to Hosting a Successful Career Fair

Hosting a career fair can feel intimidating and scary… so you might be tempted to never host one. Think of all of the amazing careers your students may miss out on without this opportunity! As high school counselors, we want to provide career readiness resources and experiences to our students

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How to Host a Virtual Career Fair

When we went to 100% digital/distance learning, I knew our career fair we were planning for this year was going to be a no-go. But if I’ve learned anything, I am certain that school counselors are experts at being adaptable and pivoting when a situation changes or new needs arise. 

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How to Host a Career Fair Without Losing Your Mind

This year, one of our program goals was: Fifty percent of ninth through eleventh grade students will visit a career fair display of their number one identified career cluster. Setting this as one of our three measurable program goals at the start of the school year really held us to

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54 Questions for Your Career Building Blocks Game

I’m doing some career activities this week in some high school classrooms, and I thought I’d share something new I’m adding to the mix. I bought a classic Jenga set and wrote career-type questions on them about dream careers, interview etiquette, and interview type questions. Thus, Career Building Blocks Game was

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