Counselors on Point Bulletin Board

Our lobby bulletin board needed an update, and I’m really loving Astrobrights cardstock… hence my new creation! We liked the idea of the students and parents getting to read a little about us (we’re humans, too!) and see who is who with which caseload while they wait in our lobby.

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“Oh The Places You’ll Go” Bulletin Board

This was one of my very first bulletin boards in our school counseling lobby when I first started at my school. Seeing how it went pretty viral on Pinterest was the reason I wanted to start this blog. I wanted to link back to somewhere where people could find, use,

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School Counselors Can Do It! Bulletin Board

We kicked off our National School Counseling Week with a new, very visible bulletin board! It’s fun how creative you can get when your whole department sits down and brainstorms together. We used some behaviors and mindsets from ASCA to focus on how counselors can empower students to be the

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