Tip for High School Counseling Interns

4 Inspiring Tips for Eager High School Counseling Interns

Hosting high school counseling interns has grown me as a school counselor and challenged me in new, professional ways. I often have new or future school counselors emailing or direct messaging me asking for words of wisdom or advice. Here are 4 inspiring tips geared towards eager high school counseling

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Day in the Life of a High School Counselor

A Day in the Life of an Adaptable High School Counselor

People are always asking… what does a day in the life of a high school counselor look like? Here are some things to expect for new counselors, interns, people thinking about career changes, grad school students, and counselors at elementary and middle school levels thinking about making the jump to

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Dear New High School Counselor

Dear New School Counselor

Dear New School Counselor, Do you have a job yet? (The question everyone is asking you.) Don’t worry if you don’t. You might be going from interview to interview wondering where you’ll end up. You have so much passion in your heart, but you don’t have a lot on your

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