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3 Tips for Taking Back Your Calendar

We all know that our days are absolutely crazy and no two are ever the same as school counselors. (It’s honestly one of my favorite things about this job.) However, we will not be efficient or effective if we’re not taking control of our time.  How often do you look

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10 Quick Tips for Remembering Students’ Names

Once you start getting to know students, school counseling referrals will flow, connections will be made, and trust will be built. Relational capital is one of your most valuable currencies in this career and remembering names will cast huge strides for you.  Here are 10 quick tips for remembering students’

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Questions For and Answers From a High School Counselor: Part 2

Here is round 2 of my Questions and Answers for a High School Counselor Round-Up! Here is a compilation of questions and answers to/from a high school counselor from other school counselors. This post covers topics like advice for first-year high school counselors, general organization, and planning your day. What

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Day in the Life of a High School Counselor

A Day in the Life of an Adaptable High School Counselor

People are always asking… what does a day in the life of a high school counselor look like? Here are some things to expect for new counselors, interns, people thinking about career changes, grad school students, and counselors at elementary and middle school levels thinking about making the jump to

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