54 Questions for Your Career Building Blocks Game

I’m doing some career activities this week in some high school classrooms,
and I thought I’d share something new I’m adding to the mix.

I bought a classic Jenga set and wrote career-type questions on them about dream careers, interview etiquette, and interview type questions.

Thus, Career Building Blocks Game was born. 

I think it’ll be a great game for all grade levels of students across the board.

I first came up with 54 questions for the 54 blocks then wrote them on the blocks with Sharpie Pens.

Click here to visit my Teachers Pay Teachers page for the questions I wrote on my blocks, an ASCA aligned lesson plan, and a pre/post assessment for your perception data needs!

Also check out my Social Skills Building Blocks Game while you’re at it!

Are you doing activities for students in classrooms? If so, what are they?

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