9 Must-Have Gift Ideas for Your High School Counselor

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If you are looking for a unique way to encourage your high school counselor and remind them that their work matters, read on to discover some gift ideas they are sure to love. 

It’s no mystery that jobs in education can often feel a bit, well, thankless. High school counseling is no exception here. We pour our hearts and souls into our students and schools, and yet the countless hours and self-sacrifice (the blood, the sweat, the tears…) can often be overlooked. While it can hurt to get passed over, it makes the moments of remembrance and recognition all the sweeter. Whether it’s a handwritten note, a birthday gift, or some holiday cheer in a bow, these little acts of kindness can really spur us on!


Gift Ideas for the Beauty Buff Counselor

These gifts are for your counselor who is passionate about making her skin, hair, and face all the more radiant. You really can’t go wrong with these two must-have products.

  • Wristbands for washing your face — A simple idea with surprisingly satisfying results. This means no more water dripping down your arms when washing your face. You didn’t even realize how annoying this was until you take it away for good.
  • Makeup remover washcloths — Just add water and all the makeup vanishes. No chemicals needed with all the erasing power of a make-up-removing serum. Simply put, these rock!

Gift Ideas for the Reflective Counselor

Snag these gifts for your more pensive counselor. A high-quality journal and a nice set of pens is the way to their heart.

  • Moleskin Journal – The best journal brand, hands-down.
  • iBayam Pens – These pens are amazing quality without the high price tag. Plus, there are a variety of sizes to choose from with a rainbow of vibrant colors.

Gift Ideas for the Busy, On-the-Go Counselor

Let’s be honest, what school counselor isn’t busy and on the go?

  • Souper Cubes – These freeze-and-store containers can turn anyone into a meal prep wizard. Make a batch of chili or soup, freeze in the cubes, pop out and store. Don’t have time to pack a lunch? Grab a cube and go! 
  • YETI Mug – For when you never actually have time to sit and drink hot coffee in a regular mug, YETI has you covered. I’m loving the Counselor Clique blue color, anyone else?

Gift Ideas for the Organized Counselor (or the one who wants to be)

For all my Type-A or Type-A-aspiring counselors out there, extra tools for organization are music to our ears.

  • Storage bags – There are so many uses for these: throw in your bag for the beach or pool; organize your craft cabinet at home; put your small group materials in these at school. I LOVE these!
  • Label maker – Nothing speaks to the heart of the organized counselor more than some nice, neat, color-coded labels. Yes, please!

Gift Ideas for the Fun-Loving Counselor

Check out these gifts for your counselor who loves creating opportunities for fun!

  • Spot It! Game – This is a game that is fun for all ages. Great for use at school or at home, and it only needs two or more players. An easy game to toss in your bag!
  • Monopoly Deal – There was a period of time when I always kept this in my bag in case we had a minute for a game (all enneagram 7’s raise your hand with me). This is a fun, easy game for two or more players.

Gift Ideas for the Bookworm Counselor

This is for your counselor whose idea of a fun time is curling up in a cozy chair with a good book.

  • Maybe You Should Talk to Someone – I’ll be the first to admit it’s challenging to recommend specific books to people when tastes can be so different. However, this one hits close to home for us counselors. A memoir about a counselor who goes to counseling… it doesn’t get more niche than that! I laughed; I cried. Such a great book!

Gift Ideas for the Counselor Who Loves to Cook

For the counselor who finds their home in the kitchen, snag these fave gift items.

  • Magnolia Table – You can’t go wrong with Joanna-inspired recipes to adorn your kitchen. The first and second Magnolia Table cookbooks are winners; everything I’ve made from either of them has been delicious. Not to mention the swoon-worthy food photography makes for a beautiful coffee table addition.
  • Pair a cookbook with a cute tea towel or some nice measuring cups and spoons.

Gift Ideas for the Self-Care Conscious Counselor

May I be so bold to suggest that all counselors could use a little self-care help?

  • Teacher Care Crate – Available for individual purchase or by subscription, the Teacher Care Crate collates fun gifts each month themed specifically for educators. Each crate includes things like a treat, a stationary item, a beauty item, a pretty print, and an educator goodie. These fun boxes will feel like a warm hug to your counselor!
  • Neck and back massager – This may seem cheesy, but I am not ashamed to say I have it and I love it! Plug in and relax after a long day. The heat and massage features are simply dreamy.

Gift Ideas You Can’t Mess Up

If you’ve read through the list and nothing feels like a fit, write a handwritten note. In this often thankless job, an intentional, specific note is incredibly special. Handwritten notes are a lost art of encouragement. Join me in bringing them back!

And when in doubt, a gift card is something everyone can enjoy. Here are some of my favorite places:

  • TPT – A great way to help your counselor stock up on helpful high school counseling resources
  • Starbucks – my advice, skip the mugs. All of our cabinets, cup holders, and desks are overflowing with too many mugs.
  • Target
  • Chick Fil-A
  • Local coffee shop or bakery

Or, drop a restaurant menu at their desk and say, “lunch is on me today!” A surprise lunch take-out order may be just the pick-me-up your counselor needs.

Be sure to also check out these Etsy shops from two people doing amazing things in the high school counseling world. 

And for these stellar counselor gift ideas all in one place, my entire Amazon storefront is linked here. Happy Shopping!


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