3 Reasons Why It’s Okay to Ask for Help During the College Application Process

As your student gets closer and closer to graduation, you want them to have a post-secondary plan for their life after high school. You may be in a season of anticipation, anxiety, or family tension surrounding the weight of what comes next. Maybe you’d just like to be proactive about the entire college application process. If you’re about to set off on this adventure with your student, you should know that it is OKAY and should be EXPECTED that you ask for help in this process.

There are so many resources out there… don’t stay put where you are in those feelings of cluelessness without seeking the help you need! Read on for 3 reasons why it’s okay to ask for help during the college application process.

1- The college application process can change year to year.

… and it sure is different from when you were in high school. I have parents tell me this about their own experience all the time! How do you know if you’re doing all of the right things at the right time if you don’t have someone to ask the right questions to? Heck, what kinds of questions should you even be asking?

The college application process can be intimidating and overwhelming if you’re trying to help your student on your own. You probably have your own career and your own responsibilities, but you’re wondering how to balance giving your student independence in the process yet be a sounding board for their big decisions and deadlines. If you’re realistic with yourself, you don’t have the time to hunt and peck for the information all over the internet and hope you don’t miss anything important!

2- There are hidden resources you’d never know about otherwise.

Someone equipped to help you through the process is going to give you information specific to you and your student’s situation! Did you know there are fee waivers available for the SAT, the ACT, or college applications if you qualify? Did you know creating a second College Board username and password (just because you forgot yours) will cause an absolute headache? A counselor can help you navigate the trickiness and keep you moving in the right direction! They’ll help you and answer your questions when you get stuck. They’ll give you information on the big topics, and they’ll be there to answer your individual questions.

3- A guide will increase your college confidence.

It’s nice to have the reassurance that what you’re doing is right or redirection when it’s time to shift towards a different path. It’s helpful to have a cheerleader when you’re getting bogged down and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel encouraging you along the way. You need someone to explain the complexities and intricacies of the college process… from all of those financial aid acronyms to how to break down the process into more digestible pieces but still hit all of the important highlights.

But where should you or could you turn to for help in the college application process?

Here’s where you can start! Download these free College Application Timelines to give your family a guided checklist for each grade level and a page to take notes. Use these timelines to get a framework for what to be doing and when to be doing it. When your student can see the big picture, they’ll be able to set smaller, more attainable goals along the way and ease the stress when it comes time to actually apply to college!

See you inside my Counselor Clique where you’ll get lots more information and help with the college application process!

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