How to Add a Calendly Widget to Your Website in 8 Steps

Has your school counseling website transitioned to the new Google Sites yet? Seems like there’s always a “new” Google Site to learn, but, once I got the hang out it, this one was super easy to use. (I assume that’s why Google does it, right?)

Do you care about maximizing your time with all of the meetings you need to set up and get on your calendar? Put Calendly on your website!

If you’re using the newest Google Sites, embedding your Calendly widget is easier than ever before!

1. Log in to
2. Click on the drop down arrow on the top right and select “share your link.”
3. Click on the blue </> icon next to “Embed on Your Website” at the bottom.
4. Click on the blue “Copy Code” link.
5. Open up your Google site to edit and click on the yellow “embed” under “insert.”
6. Instead of the default “By URL,” select the other option “By HTML” and paste your code into there, and click next.
7. Click “insert,” and it will be on your page!
8. Drag to move where you want it to be, and resize it to the proportion you want!

Since I’m all about maximizing my efficiency at work, you know I’m a big fan of Calendly- the appointment maker that links to my Google calendar. So as long as I use my Google calendar well and put my own things on it to block out times, letting people make appointments with me is EASY!

When students and parents get to pick their own appointment slots, ALL of us leave feeling like our time is valued. We are not an emergency room (well, sometimes we are), but most day-to-day meetings are not “emergency,” and can, therefore, be scheduled using Calendly! I also put my link to my Calendly in my email signature, so people can easily see it.

Do you use Calendly or another digital tool to help keep your appointments organized?

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