How to Celebrate National School Counseling Week– Day 3

It’s day three of National School Counseling Week,
and our department is here to share with you the reasons why we love our careers! We love using the ASCA templates to share our profession with the world!

From our District Superintendent:

Each and every day school counselors make a positive difference in students’ lives, but your role changes constantly based on the student or situation with which you are dealing. Some students need a cheerleader to encourage them to achieve their goals, while others have plenty of confidence and support, but are in need of a roadmap to success. Still others require assistance in managing an unstable or dysfunctional home life or reconciling friendships that have fallen apart. Your duties run the gamut from task-driven to people-centered. It takes a special person with a broad skill set to be a successful school counselor. Your work is chaotic, challenging, and sometimes resembles that of a first responder. I appreciate all you do for our students. Thank you for giving them your best each and every day.

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