How to Inspire Career Culture In Your School: A Quick Career Activity

A simple movement through the school to start conversations about careers, colleges, and majors.
We gave these out to all teachers and asked them to fill them out and put them in the classroom for students to see.
Something small to reach every student.
Check out my Teachers Pay Teachers listing for an updated version of this worksheet for elementary, middle, and high school counselors to use in your schools! 
A Quick Career Activity: Then and Now

This is an easy way to address career readiness standards. Even something as small as this is developing our counseling program into something more comprehensive, involving more stakeholders, and advocating for student success. (These all address ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors.) A project as simple as this stresses that every student should graduate from high school and be prepared for employment or college and other post-secondary education. Through conversations with the teacher who posted their worksheet, a student will hopefully make a connection between school and work. They may be able to identify ways in which individual abilities, interests, work values, and personality traits influence career options.

Happy Friday! Enjoy the long weekend!

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