How to Make the “I Applied! Bulletin Board”

I am always trying to think ahead at what will go on our school counseling bulletin board right outside of our office. My strategy is, honestly, how can I use what I’m already doing to show off something our students would be interested in?

I recently wrote about All the Steps for Hosting a Successful College Application Day.

At my event this year, I had students write down where they applied on a little football. (I did black and white footballs because I don’t feel as bad printing hundreds of those off.) After students have applied to college, help them get on their way to planning the financial aspect of their university experience with this FREE Starter Scholarship Spreadsheet!

When I hang these on a bulletin board, I do it because:

  • we see how many students applied to schools
  • we see what schools they applied to
    • we learn about new colleges, universities, and cities
    • we see if there are trends
    • we notice 2 year and 4 year schools
  • we create a college going culture and awareness that seniors are applying to college
  • we create a space for students to identify with other students
  • we make goals like 2 or 4 year college attainable to underclassmen
  • we let students be proud that they applied– sometimes the hardest part is getting started!

Download the pre-packaged bulletin board here! 

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