How to Stay Organized and Motivated with a Scholarship Spreadsheet

High school parents are living in tension. Their student is almost ready to launch into the “real world,” but they’re still under their roof. How do they push them to do “adult” things like apply for college financial aid, learn to budget, and move towards financial responsibility all while they’re still juggling academics, extracurriculars, applications, and a social life?

The amount of information regarding financial aid is overwhelming! Trying to digest it is like drinking from a fire hose! Parents want to help, but they’re not quite sure how. 

Am I talking to you? Am I talking about someone you know? Get this free Starter Scholarship Sheet in their hands! It will copy to Google Drive immediately and can be edited to suit any student or family’s needs.  

The Free Starter Scholarship Spreadsheet includes:

  • some tips for the scholarship application process
  • a table of contents with descriptions of everything included on the spreadsheet and links to each direct, color-coded tab on the spreadsheet
  • a list of schools that promise to meet 100% of need with financial aid, their location, and a link to their financial aid website
  • resources (Facebook communities, YouTube channels, websites, blogs, and specific scholarships) for undocumented and DACA students
  • month-by-month color-coded tabs to organize scholarships with checklists for “interested” and “applied,” links to some scholarships to start you out, deadlines, descriptions, and dollar awards
This spreadsheet is just a jumping-off point! It gives some structure to all of the information you are taking in with this process. A Google Sheet is beneficial because multiple people can view and work on it on their own time… no emailing back and forth or miscommunications over deadlines. 
This spreadsheet can take at least one piece of the stress out of the college application process! Download it and get to searching!

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