Jumpstart Your PR with Piktochart: A Tech Tool

As school counselors, part of our competencies include career planning and development for every student.

We not only use career assessments, but also we help students further make connections between their career interests and their abilities. As a state, we hold Individualized Graduation Plan (IGP) meetings with each student individually. This is a way we ensure each student and parent has an opportunity to talk through their individual planning process and life after high school. From here, students really learn to monitor and direct their own learning and personal/social and career development.

This year, our school started using Naviance, which is another post for another day.

I wanted to show you all a great, free software called Piktochart which makes free info-graphics! 

Since we are moving our school counseling profession to a much more data-driven culture, it only makes sense to find a program that can put together our data in a more presentable way.

Check out a chunk of my PiktoChart I made about our IGP data. Obviously, you can see how this would be useful in presenting data:

In the link below, this graph is even interactive.
While giving a presentation, I can hover my mouse over each bar and see the actual percentages.

Piktochart is pretty easy to use. There are a TON of available features on the free software. You can also upgrade and pay for more features, but I haven’t felt the need to do that yet. One downside of the free application is that I can’t save the infographic as a PDF for my own using (but I CAN link to it).

Here is a link to my finished project, an infographic about IGP data from our 2016 meetings. Our data collected from our IGP meetings is now being presented to our school counseling advisory committee, our school improvement council, our PTA board, and even district level employees regarding trends of our student meetings. 

Check out my “Technology for Program Promotion” professional development lesson on Teachers Pay Teachers!

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