6 Questions for Classroom Teachers on College and Career Day

As an easy activity to get teachers, administrators, and staff on board to celebrate November’s National Career Development Month, we had a “College and Career Day.”

For teachers, this meant wearing a shirt, sweatshirt, or school colors to represent his or her alma mater. Teachers were given the direction at the beginning of each class period to share their personal educational and career path with students allowing them to ask questions as well.

Some guiding discussion questions given to teachers ahead of time were:
– What jobs did you have in high school?
– Where did you go to college?
– How many times did you change majors/what majors did you try in college?
– What degree did you graduate with? Did you go on to get a higher degree?
– Did you have any other careers before teaching?
– When did you know you wanted to go into an educational field?

Our Florida/Georgia rivalry still lives on even into the professional world!

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