School Counseling Advisory Councils: 3 Ideas to Consider Before Starting Yours [Episode 16]

school counseling advisory councils

Here's What to Expect In This Episode:

School counseling advisory councils can feel very daunting and sort of unnecessary if you don’t have one in place yet. You’re probably wondering… “Why is this even important?” or “Is this something worth pursuing when we have at least one hundred other things on our plate?”

Let’s talk through 3 big ideas or address your misconceptions before getting started with an advisory council. How can we combat all roadblocks so that when August rolls around, we are ready to start a school counseling advisory council?

Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Advisory Council Idea #1: People are willing to be a part of something that inspires change for the better.
  • Advisory Council Idea #2: Stakeholders’ perspectives of your program will change. (That is exciting!)
  • Advisory Council Idea #3: Receive constructive criticism with grace, understanding, and humility… then let it drive your program.

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

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