10 Key Stakeholders to Invite to Your School Counseling Advisory Council Meetings- Part 1 [Episode 17]

advisory council meeting

Here's What to Expect In This Episode:

After last week’s episode (Episode 16) where we discussed the benefits that a school counseling advisory council can offer your program, I thought our next steps would be to discuss WHO to invite to the table for these strategic advisory council meetings.

From my experience, I’m bringing you 10 ideas of who you may consider inviting. In Part 1, I’ll give you 5 of these key stakeholders, and then Part 2 with the other 5 will come next week in Episode 18.

Learn who should not forget to invite to the table for this invaluable committee where you’ll share data, welcome feedback, and brainstorm new ideas. Think critically about specific people who can add worth to your conversations.

Spend some time beginning your list in a Google Doc or a note in your phone. Send me a DM on Instagram, and let me know what new ideas you took away from this episode!

Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • How and why to strategically pick all of the right people for your advisory council meetings
  • Which students to invite to your advisory council meetings
  • How to get students to show up
  • How to pick which administrator to invite to your advisory council meetings
  • How to physically get your administrator to the meeting
  • Why admin presence can be extremely impactful after your meeting happens
  • How a local college representative can meet multiple needs of your department
  • How a specialty (and perhaps lone ranger) counselor outside of your building can offer a unique perspective

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advisory council meetings

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