Let’s Talk Counselor Fly Ins [Episode 38]

counselor fly in

Here's What to Expect In This Episode:

Call it what you want- a counselor fly in, a counselor outreach program, a college fly in opportunity… you just have to hear about it!

Counselor fly ins are a hidden treasure of the job of a high school counselor!

In this episode, I share what a counselor fly in program is, how to get involved with or invited to one, and what happens once you get there.

I share my experiences with the couple of high school counselor outreach programs that I’ve been a part of and what I loved about them.

Lastly, I share the benefits that overflow back into your everyday work environment once you get back home from your counselor fly in!

Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Why counselor fly in programs are a hidden treasure of high school counseling professional development opportunities
  • Who can and who does attend counselor fly in programs
  • How to find out about counselor fly in programs
  • How to get your counselor fly in program paid for and planned for you
  • Why I was picked for the counselor outreach programs I went on
  • What I did when I went to the University of Tampa and Stanford University fly in programs and what our daily schedule looked like
  • What benefits you can expect when you return home from a counselor fly in program
  • Student fly in programs

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counselor fly in

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