4 Ways to Find New Inspiration in Your High School Counseling Role

Maybe you’re thinking, “What I’m doing is already working… why change anything up?” Of course, you could keep working like this… tired, exhausted, unnoticed, invisible in your role… or you could step into a community that sees you, knows you, and understands you!

Here are four ways you can seek to find new inspiration in your high school counseling role.

1- Change your mindset to change your perspective on your high school counseling role.

It’s crazy how a simple mindset shift can help you have a more profound impact on students… which is why we’re in this job to begin with, right? If you tend to have a team that isn’t looking for that same inspiration to grow, you might have to look outside the walls of your school to find encouragement in this mindset shift.

When you allow yourself space to grow, learn, and advocate, you may just find yourself re-energized to serve students on your caseload in a new way!

2- Find relevant professional development opportunities catered to your high school counseling role.

Nothing lights a fire under me and gives me new inspiration like a presentation, a training, or a conference that gets my wheels spinning with new ideas! I always have a note going in my phone or a list of things I need to try, articles I need to read, and programs I need to implement.

When you get to pick your own professional development or places of professional learning, you are more likely to dive in and actually complete them because it’s something YOU were initially excited about. When you or your school choose to make an investment in a topic that’s exciting to you, you fully engage… and then you see results! You learn, you grow, and you implement!

3- Use your calendar as a tool to reenergize yourself in your high school counseling role.

Don’t let anyone shame you into thinking your way of organization is wrong! Everyone has a different take and a different style. In a career that’s so chaotic, you have to find what works for you!

Whether you’re a paper and pencil or a digital counselor, find what works and move on it! Your calendar can actually be a huge tool for advocating for your role. You get to decide what’s important to focus on for your day and plan longer term goals and projects that you want to get done. You get to decide what actually goes on your calendar and what you have time, space, and capacity to accomplish!

When you’re more efficient in your everyday tasks, you get to pick the short and long-term goals you want to set and run after them!

4- Invest in a quality high school counselor community.

Find your people! If they’re in your school building, you’re lucky! If they’re outside the walls of your school building, you might need some help finding them. Once you find this community of high school counselors, invest.

Ask questions, share your thoughts, give your advice. There is so much value in feeling seen and heard especially in a job that often feels thankless from the people you’re surrounded by each day. (Not a knock on them… we’re helpers, and we’re constantly pouring out from behind the scenes! It’s easy to go unnoticed!).

YOU also have insights to offer other counselors, and, perhaps, you already understand and value the importance of a solid counselor community.

Use a counselor community to add value to your high school counseling role. When you glean new ideas, receive honest feedback, and grow professionally, you’ll gain new motivation and energy… leading to a more impactful position in your school!

Are you looking for a way to convince your administrators to help fund some of your professional development endeavors? Show them some of the benefits of investing in learning opportunities that truly grow you as a high school counselor!

Get your name on the waitlist for the Clique Collaborative, a high school membership community. You’ll be the first to hear when doors open next!

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