How To Inspire a College Going Culture… with College Application Day Pennants

I made these “college pennants” for our College Application Day! This is a school wide celebration to promote a college-going culture. 
Our seniors can sign up for 45 minute time slots throughout the day to come fill out applications, have fees waived to colleges, and get help from school counselors and college representatives. 
When they finished, they took an exit survey and filled in/colored a pennant. We hung these on a bulletin board. It will be fun to celebrate with them when they get IN to schools, but it’s also exciting to celebrate on the front end as they APPLY to schools. For some students and their parents, they never thought they’d see this day!

All in all, I use this downloadable PDF: 
– College Application Day at your school
– a bulletin board to celebrate college applications
– an exit ticket for your College Application Day
– data collection for who applied where

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