How To Start Your Semester Off Smoothly: A Schedule Change Flowchart

As the beginning of the year approaches, we all know what takes up so much of our time as high school counselors… SCHEDULE CHANGES.
How many different ways can you say it?
Don’t you wish you could filter some of these schedule change requests before they get to you?
Just point to a sign and say READ THIS FIRST?!
Now you can.

Check out Schedule Change Request Flowchart for a secured and an editable template to show off how schedule changes can work. 

Print it out in color, slap it up on your wall, point to it, and smile… because students already know this stuff. 
You’re just helping them “demonstrate advocacy skills and ability to asset self, when necessary.” (B-SS 8 from ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors)
Anything you think needs to be added to this flowchart? How do you handle schedule changes at your school?

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