How To Look 2 Months Ahead with a Master Calendar: Part 2

Two years ago, we created a white board master calendar, so we could see two months out what our days as a department would look like. (See the old blog post on it here.)

Flash forward: the washi tape was getting gross, our walls got repainted, and I needed to show you the new and improved look we’ve got going on! Click below to see more… the pictures!

We also put our “Annual Planning Calendar” up on the bulletin board to the side for our own reference as we’re meeting weekly for department meetings (sometimes that’s just  “eating and meeting” over lunch). This helps us take a macro look at our upcoming two months and fill in with an expo marker the things we do every year, and the new things we are adding to our program.

When you are going for RAMP, section 7 is all about calendars. There is no requirement to have something like this, but we did write about the two month view with these calendars and how it helps us plan as a department.

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