5 Tips for ASCA Conference Goers [Episode 24]

asca conference

Here's What to Expect In This Episode:

The ASCA conference is coming up in July in Austin, Texas for school counselors from all over the nation to gather, share, and learn together!

I’ve been to two ASCA conferences in the past, and I’m sharing those experiences in this episode. 

I also talk about 5 tips for first-timers or those who just want a refresher about what to expect or what may help make the ASCA conference trip a success!

If you’re still debating going, know that it’s absolutely worth it! I won’t be there this year, but I’m hoping to get there next year!

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Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Take inventory of the reasons you haven’t gone to an ASCA conference in the past and consider what it would take to get there
  • Set some goals if cost or money is the thing that holds you back (save up or ask for funds)
  • My experience at the ASCA conference in New Orleans in 2016
  • My experience at the ASCA conference in Denver in 2017
  • My dreams of attending 2023’s ASCA conference in Atlanta
  • Ask for conference money and ask for it early
  • Be prepared when you propose receiving funding with an advocacy letter and the right forms filled out
  • Pack correctly for the trip and know what to wear 
  • Share what you learned with your counselor friends who you also attended different sessions
  • Download the ASCA conference app
  • Bring a phone charger or extra battery pack during the conference days
  • Talk to other counselors before and after your sessions 
  • Connect with and make new friends at the conference

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