My 4 Best Pieces of Advice for High School Counseling Interns [Episode 25]

advice for high school counseling interns

Here's What to Expect In This Episode:

In Episode 25, I chronicle my personal practicum and internship experiences with a walk down memory lane… specifically deep-diving into an influential supervisor mentorship that pushed me completely outside of my comfort zone.

Then we jump into 4 tips that culminate my best advice for high school counseling interns after (obviously) being an intern, supervising interns, and being a teammate to those who have also taken interns under their wing.

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Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • A reflection on my time as a school counseling intern in elementary, middle, and high school settings
  • My most influential supervisor and how she revolutionized my internship experience
  • Why being pushed (read: forced) while scared during my internship prepared me for my future career
  • Honest reflections on my personal internship experiences
  • Why you should treat your internship as one big job interview
  • How other co-workers and co-counselors can have an influence on your potential job opportunities after your internship is over
  • Why taking initiative and rejecting passivity is the number one trait a high school counseling intern can have
  • Why asking questions is key 
  • How questions can spur on really great and honest conversations with your supervisor and other co-counselors
  • Do more of what makes you nervous
  • Don’t wait… just act
  • Make a list of what you want to accomplish in your internship… from experiences to specific populations you want to work with
  • Don’t get comfortable just “shadowing” a supervisor- dive in and add every experience possible to your resume

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advice for high school counseling interns

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