4 Different Caseload Model Types (Plus My Honest Thoughts on Them) [Episode 45]

Here's What to Expect In This Episode:

There are so many pros and cons to consider when laying out different caseload model possibilities for your school counseling program. There isn’t much research out there on this topic, so I thought this episode could be an exploration of a few different types of models out there. (This list is NOT exhaustive by any means!)

This episode will help you examine how your caseload is currently laid out and think long-term to avoid burnout and allow for growth (professionally and practically in terms of lowering caseload numbers).

Listen in as I talk about 4 different caseload models from least to most favorite! I can’t wait to hear if you have the same or different opinion about these!

Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • What inspired me to talk about these caseload models
  • How this caseload model topic can be useful even if you don’t have the autonomy to make these decisions right now
  • Why working with one grade level all-the-time and always puts you in a silo
  • Getting creative with extra counselor positions without changing your caseload model and how to use this position creatively
  • The best perk of rolling with a class from ninth or tenth grade all the way through graduation
  • How knowing your students and families can lead to better advocacy time and time again
  • The inevitable “I want a different counselor” conversation
  • Why I love the alphabet caseload model the most
  • Ideas for how to overcome pushback from changing to an alpha caseload model
  • Growing pains that came with an alpha caseload model switch

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It could be a story so legendary that we wouldn’t believe it ourselves.

You don’t have to tell us who you are… just give us a 30-second story that will make us laugh and think… glad that wasn’t me. 

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