Running Senior Meetings Like a Boss [Episode 39]


Here's What to Expect In This Episode:

Running senior meetings helps to inform your students and parents while also building their confidence about what’s to come!

Senior year can be a LOT! Planning, researching, applying, thinking about the next steps (whatever those may be). As high school counselors, we can help minimize overwhelm and provide a safe landing space for students to ask their questions and be OKAY not knowing what’s coming next!

In this episode, I talk about WHAT to talk about as you’re running senior meetings and some of the practical ideas to think about as you plan to host them. Take some ideas from here to implement with your caseload, and start hosting efficient and effective meetings with your families this year!

Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Why running senior meetings is important
  • What you can expect from running senior meetings with efficiency and effectiveness
  • Why you should host a larger-scale information meeting before sitting down for individual meetings
  • How to schedule your senior planning meetings
  • What to talk about as you’re running senior meetings and what the flow of these conversations may look like
  • Why organization and goal setting can set your conversation off in the right direction
  • Why talking about future finances may be helpful whether a student is set on attending college or not
  • What the next steps after the individual meeting can look like

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