How to Close Out the Year as a High School Counselor [Episode 21]

close out the year

Here's What to Expect In This Episode:

It’s time to close out the year as a high school counselor… but what exactly does that mean? What are you doing to finish up? Is it what everyone else is doing?

Listen to this week’s episode and consider these ideas as you tie up loose ends and head into the summer months.

Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Close out the year by finishing up your looming tasks
  • Consider the importance of reflecting back on your year
  • Note where you’ve grown professionally and personally
  • Wrap up any end-of-year data as you close out your year
  • Brainstorm different data collection ideas that would be helpful now and in years to come
  • Look back on the risks you took and new ideas you implemented this year before you officially close out your year
  • Set up your caseload for success this summer
  • Put up your email away message and your out-of-office voicemail
  • Give copies of anything those in the office may need while you’re out or away
  • Make yourself a list or keep a note of things to do when you come back (a PRE to-do list) so that you don’t have to worry about them after you close out your year and leave for summer
  • Prep only what you feel the need to for next year
  • Organize or reconvene your physical space
  • Get all of those stray papers in order
  • Take an inventory of all of your counseling resources
  • Consider updating your website or joining social media for your counseling department
  • Rest and relax (the most important “close out the year” task!)

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close out the year

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