A Pep Talk for New High School Counselors [Episode 22]

pep talk

Here's What to Expect In This Episode:

Calling all new high school counselors! Get pumped up with a pre-game pep talk as you accept your new job role and daydream about next year already.

This pep talk gave me an adrenaline rush just saying it aloud to you! I want it to give you the confidence that you need to prepare for a new role!

Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Get excited to enter this new career with a pep talk to replay over and over to yourself
  • Build and retain your network of other school counselors
  • Stay connected with grad school counselor peers
  • Know who to call on for specific projects or specialties when you have millions of questions
  • Keep your chin up with confidence because you have a TON to offer
  • Get your mindset in the right headspace to start your new role
  • Accept that you will always be learning and won’t ever have all of the “right” answers
  • Start slow with low expectations to change the world overnight
  • Remember that a career is a slow trajectory, a long-term game
  • Love the relationships that you will build
  • Protect against burnout by engaging in hobbies we love and taking care of our own mental health
  • Look forward to the best career ever! Welcome to the profession!

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pep talk

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