Resetting Your Surroundings in the New Year [Episode 5]

resetting your surroundings

Here's What to Expect In This Episode:

Resetting your surroundings will help you breathe easier as the second semester starts.

It’s time to clean up (or at least straighten up) your physical and mental high school counselor spaces as you head into 2022.

Listen to Episode 5 of High School Counseling Conversations for some tangible takeaways to update your spaces and start crushing all of your high school counselor tasks.

I know you could use a cheering section to finish out this school year with some renewed energy and focus, and I have just the (super timely) resource for you!

Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Resetting Your Surroundings- Tip #1: Resetting your office space
  • Resetting Your Surroundings- Tip #2: Resetting your computer space by organizing your files and everything cluttering up your digital space
  • Resetting Your Surroundings- Tip #3: Resetting your high school counselor community
  • Join the Clique Collaborative, my high school counseling monthly membership, while doors are open for a limited time

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Let's Connect:

Cheers + Happy Listening!

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