Guest Interview with Emily, a Member of the Clique Collaborative [Episode 6]

Here's What to Expect In This Episode:

Join me for my first guest episode with Emily Deemer! Emily is a K-12 school counselor in Pennsylvania, and she’s also a member of my high school counseling membership, the Clique Collaborative.

I thought it would be helpful to hear from someone who has experienced the membership for themselves and share a bit from their perspective.

Come listen to my first interview-style podcast as we discuss the membership before doors close on Thursday, January 27 at midnight!

Guest Bio:

Emily graduated from Penn State with a degree in school counseling and lives in central Pennsylvania. She’s been a school counselor for 13 years and high school counselor for 2.5 of those 13. In her current role, she’s an itinerant counselor in 3 small private schools. Some of the highlights of her time in the high school setting include growing the school counseling program from almost nothing to a fully mapped curriculum, hosting a yearly career fair, and developing an Alumni Day event for Seniors.  She loves to travel and spend time with her black lab!

Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Emily’s background and how she found the Clique Collaborative
  • How she got energized at the start of the school year
  • Why she shows us as a member in Clique Collaborative
  • The importance of school counselor community and how the membership has built her confidence since August 
  • Her favorite topics and her favorite resources so far (plus a few wins she’s had with them)

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Let's Connect:

Cheers + Happy Listening!

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