How to Advocate for All Post Secondary Plans [Episode 40]

post secondary plans

Here's What to Expect In This Episode:

As high school counselors, we hope to prepare students for whatever their post secondary plans are… from work, military, or college. Elementary and middle school counselors are laying the foundation for college and career-ready standards… but, as high school counselors, we’re meeting students where things are getting real.

Listen to Episode 40 to learn about the importance of sharing all of their post secondary options, advocating for all different types of students, and including everyone in the post secondary celebrations!

Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Why high school counselors’ role differs a bit in post secondary plans compared to elementary and middle school counselors’ role
  • 4 big categories of post secondary plans
  • Why you have to be a broken record around this topic
  • Consider sharing post secondary plans in all three counseling settings: individual counseling, small group counseling, and classroom lessons
  • Using individual meetings to share the same information with all of your students
  • Why a career exploration small group can help students on whatever their post-high school pathway may be
  • Some topics you may be able to leverage for college and career readiness during classroom lessons
  • Why it’s important to see, recognize, and know students who need a bit more advocacy in the post secondary planning process
  • How you can keep your eyes open to more niche groups of students who need a voice (especially from you as a high school counselor)
  • How to include everyone in the post secondary plans celebration in the way your events are worded and shared with others
  • 3 memorable ways to share your seniors’ post secondary plans with your school community

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post secondary plans

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