Using an Advisory Council to Tell Your Story with Lauren and Vira [Episode 19]

using an advisory council

Here's What to Expect In This Episode:

Lauren LaPera and Vira James of Ashley Ridge High School in Charleston, South Carolina bring their voices to the High School Counseling Conversations podcast!

Listen as Lauren and Vira’s passion and desire for growth shines through this conversation! These two rockstar high school counselors share exactly what using an advisory council has done for their school counseling program and why the advisory council was the FIRST THING they implemented before they made any other big changes in their department or school.

Using an advisory council has brought valuable feedback, new program ideas, and more opportunities for advocacy than they ever imagined.

If you’re looking for an easy way to bring momentum, excitement, and pride back into your career and program… don’t miss out on this episode (or using an advisory council)!

Send me a DM if you’re inspired and empowered to dream big about using an advisory council next year!

Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • How Lauren and Vira have been using an advisory council to bring life back into their school counseling program after a “post-Covid” world
  • How bringing the right people to the table can be the ideal advocacy you didn’t know you needed
  • How using an advisory council can connect your high school counselors with strategic community partnerships going forward
  • Reflecting on past advisory councils and why a few were true “learning experiences”
  • Making your intention evident as you show how much you truly care about hosting an advisory council
  • Keeping the conversation engaging and professional at the same time 
  • Why setting up the room and establishing norms can provide a safe space to receive feedback and take steps toward growth
  • Speaking your administrators’ love language (data!) to brag on the good things you’re doing for your students, families, and community
  • Highlighting the true value of what you can do and what you need to best serve students 
  • Breaking down who does what leading up to the meeting and during the meeting
  • How using an advisory council can help you find the solutions to your problems
  • Where Lauren and Vira see their advisory council headed next year

More Resources on Advisory Council Meetings:

Meet the Guests:

Lauren LePera is a ninth grade counselor at Ashley Ridge High School. Lauren has also worked as a middle school counselor (last year) for sixth grade. Lauren started her career in education as an elementary teacher who found joy in supporting students through life’s challenges as well as mental health. Lauren is currently located in Charleston, SC and loves her cats, being outside, and watching Schitt’s Creek with her husband. Reach out to Lauren via email here.

Vira James is the Director of Counseling at Ashley Ridge High School. Vira has been a school counselor for 15 years and 4 years as a director. Vira started her career as a Career Specialist and currently lives in Charleston, SC. Vira loves Mexican food as well as hanging with her husband and kids. Reach out to Vira via email here.

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using an advisory council

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