How to Use Data in Your High School Counseling Program Without Overthinking It [Episode 42]

how to use data

Here's What to Expect In This Episode:

I’m going to use this episode to win you over to the side of at least CONSIDERING using data in your school counseling program. Even if you’re allergic to it. Or you consider yourself to be data averse… this one’s for you.

Let’s talk about how to use data in your high school counseling program without overthinking it or making it too complicated.

With these 3 simple ideas, you’ll be able to start taking baby steps toward data instead of running away from it!

Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Acknowledge that the use of data can be scary and intimidating (but it doesn’t have to be!)
  • What to consider before the start of year in terms of data 
  • Why data should be the thing that ethically informs the direction of your program
  • Considering the pieces of data and the glaring gaps that are already in front of you
  • Aligning your goals with your administrators’ goals to come alongside each other
  • Avoiding data is cause for missed opportunities to serve your students well and make a larger impact in your school
  • How data can establish trust throughout the school year
  • Why data is the missing piece to show change, advocate for money, and garner support from your stakeholders
  • Ideas for places to share your data throughout the year
  • The unsuspecting and surprising group of stakeholders that became fans once they had data in front of them
  • Why the use of data actually advocates for your program
  • How the right data shared with the right crowd can change a perspective entirely

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how to use data

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