4 Things I’ve Learned About Getting Money for Professional Development Opportunities [Episode 31]

money for professional development

Here's What to Expect In This Episode:

This week’s episode is all about getting money for professional development… specifically what I’ve learned and how I’d recommend going about getting that money for professional development opportunities.

I’ve had all different responses to my personal asks for professional funding for a variety of ways to grow myself and my practice as a high school counselor. Those responses didn’t stop me from asking time and time again.

Listen for my strategies to get the money you want for the PD opportunities you need!

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Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Announcement for a big counselor sale (happening the week that this episode goes live, July 18-21!)
  • How to increase your confidence in asking for PD money
  • How to get your admin to say “YES!” to your ask for the money for professional development opportunities
  • Laying the foundation for all future asks for your program (monetary and beyond)
  • When to ask for the financial support
  • How to best prepare for the ask or request and look professional while doing it
  • Why highlighting the benefits of the training or PD could be the game changer in all of this
  • What to put in your justification letter to your administrator

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money for professional development

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