Back to School Tips for High School Counselors: Office Prep [Episode 32]

back to school tips

Here's What to Expect In This Episode:

This episode highlights a few back to school tips for high school counselors looking to ready their spaces and program.

Your worth as a high school counselor isn’t dependent on how much stuff you have in your office or how much financial support you get from your principal, district, or PTSA. But it sure doesn’t hurt to dream about what would make your counselor life easier, does it?

Let’s talk about the non-negotiables and the “would be nice” things to have in your office. There are definitely some school counselor essentials and some school counselor office must haves that I can’t live without, but everyone’s will be different!

Rest assured anything in this episode is NOT NECESSARY… just adds to all of the wonderful things you’re already doing as a high school counselor!

Listen to this week’s episode for a few back to school tips to consider as you move into next school year!

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Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Why it’s important to decide what you want versus what you need (there’s a difference!)
  • Start slow and build
  • Consider asking “what will make my counselor life easier?”
  • Avoid comparison- all offices are different
  • Ensure a safe space for students
  • Set the non-negotiables for your office
  • Change things up if you feel like your office has gotten stale
  • Spend any financial support you get (read: money) with intentionality

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back to school tips

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