Words of Wisdom to High School Counseling Interns from the Field [Episode 26]

high school counseling interns

Here's What to Expect In This Episode:

In this episode, we get to hear some voices from the field give their best tips to high school counseling interns (and even new high school counselors at that)!

Listen in on a wealth of knowledge that these veteran high schools share with their new colleagues. 

A special thanks to those who left voice memos with their words of wisdom to high school counseling interns: Michaela, Erica, Celeste, Jeff, Rica, Lissa, Lorraine, Allison, Lindsey, Cathy, Tae’Lor, and Jessica.

Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Take photos of the experiences you’re having so that you can remember them to reference in a job interview (especially when you’re trying to prove yourself again people when you’re trying to “make up for” a lack of experience in the field)
  • Try everything you can when you’re in a supervised position and don’t be afraid to make mistakes
  • Ask lots of questions and be hands-on in your experience
  • Develop a “humble confidence” in the way you approach your counseling situations and your day-to-day
  • Take part in every type of meeting you possibly can in order to be as familiar as possible with anything you may run into 
  • Remember your “why” by keeping a folder of thank you nice, funny stories, and meaningful memories
  • Create openness and availability for connection between the intern/supervisor relationship
  • Get involved as much as possible and assert yourself in places you want to learn and grow
  • Offer to help with big projects or programs that the counseling team is running
  • Speak up about how you can be best utilized as a counseling intern
  • Connect with everyone in the counseling department from other school counselors to mental health counselor, clerks, school psychologist, and more
  • Acknowledge your weaknesses
  • Be present in the community that you’re serving by getting to know your stakeholders

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