Private High School Counselor Finds Wellness Passion: An Interview with Tylee R., Clique Collaborative Member [Episode 34]

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Here's What to Expect In This Episode:

Tylee is a Clique Collaborative member working as a private high school counselor in a Catholic high school. As a self-proclaimed homebody, she finds herself serving students at the high school she graduated from in the suburbs of Chicago.

As Tylee is entering her fourth year as a private high school counselor, she’s also moving into the role of the department chair this upcoming year. She knows this will present new challenges, but she’s ready to continue growing herself and her school counseling program. 

Join this week’s conversation as we discuss Tylee’s passion for student wellness, intervention, and prevention. She has harnessed some creative energy and reinvents continuously to serve her students in the best way possible… including a recent “rebranding” of the Student Wellness Center with new systems and services to serve her post-pandemic high school students.

Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • How Tylee knew she wanted to be a school counselor
  • Making the move from kindergarten to high school age students
  • Why she had to weigh where she interned with where she saw her future job panning out
  • What her transition into the department chair role may look like for this upcoming school year
  • A unique way that her school’s caseloads can sometimes be divided up
  • How Tylee’s team developed a wellness center to meet post-pandemic mental health needs 
  • Why they needed to reevaluate the way they modeled their wellness center to be sure students were receiving the help they needed and who the collaborative team was that helped make it a useable space to benefit all students
  • The importance of changing something that’s going well to make it even better
  • How she plans to keep moving forward with wellness intervention and prevention with all students
  • The ways in which Tylee’s admin supports her ideas, programs, and professional development (including paying for the Clique Collaborative!)
  • How the Clique Collaborative community and sharing experiences has helped her feel less isolated and more connected to other high school counselors with a common goal of supporting students

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Meet Our Guest:

Tylee is a private school counselor in the northwest suburbs of Chicago at a Catholic high school.

She has been a counselor for 3 years and is very focused on spreading kindness and promoting programs that support student and staff wellness.

In her free time, she loves doing make-up and coaching basketball.

Connect with her on Instagram: @beau_ty0821

Connect with Lauren:

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